At Metropolitan Patient Services we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and compassionate healthcare to the communities of the Mid-Atlantic. We are committed to our duty of providing quality care, efficiently and compassionately in an ever-evolving healthcare environment.


Our Mission

As Observation Medicine Providers we act as the navigator in a dynamic and complex world of healthcare today. Based in the Hospital at all times, we are able to efficiently process patient care needs with key hospital stakeholders. Our ability to coordinate care with community providers and hospital departments allows for high quality, expeditious treatment and an efficient and respectful manner. 

Metropolitan Patient Services is focused on providing the highest quality of Observation care while enhancing relationships with hospital stakeholders and serving the needs of the community at large
— Puneet Chopra, Director of Observation Medicine

Our Commitment

  • Dynamically assess patients to ensure efficient treatment and discharge
  • Coordinate with community specialists and hospital departments for supplemental care needs
  • Be available for our patients and their families 24/7
  • Provide high quality care to our patients and their loved ones
  • Assist in care coordination and planning 
  • Keep patients and families informed and involved in the decision making process